Baidyanath Lohasav (450 ml)

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The most common problem arising in females is anemia which results in weakness and exhaustion in them. Baidyanath Lohasav is an ayurvedic medicine for iron deficiency and anemia. It has haematinic (increases hemoglobin levels) and hematogenic activity (helps in formation of red blood cells) processed by fermentation method (Asav arishta base) so it gets absorbed more easily. Loha bhasma with other medicinal herbs helps to treat anemia and related problems.

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Country of Origin: India

Expiry date: 9 years 02 months from the date of manufacturing

Registered Office: Siddhayu Ayurvedic Research Foundation Pvt Ltd, Shree Baidyanath Ayurved Bhawan, Great Nag Road, Nagpur, Maharastra 440024
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Key Ingredients

  • Musta (Cyperus rotundus): Analgesic (reduce pain), anti-bacterial, ammenagogue (maintains menstrual flow), astringent, immunomodulator, anti-spasmodic, and carminative (removes stomach gas). Useful in the treatment of weakness, headache, back pain, and leucorrhoea
  • Puga(Areca nut): Astringent in nature
  • Nagakeshar (Mesua ferrae): Useful in treating bleeding disorders


  • Arrest the bleeding
  • Gives energy and strength after delivery
  • Effective in leucorrhea and its related problems like backache body ache and headache
  • Postpartum tonic


10 g with milk twice a day or as advised by the physician.

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