Baidyanath Amrit Haldi (30 ml)

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Turmeric has a very long history of medicinal use. Turmeric has both preventive and curative effects. Curcumin a compound found in turmeric has been shown to be a potent immunomodulatory agent. The curcumin content of turmeric is 2-4 % only, while Amrit haldi is prepared by using of 5 % curcumin standadized extract which will helps the body naturally cleanse the respiratory tract.

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Country of Origin: India

Expiry date: 11 months from the date of manufacturing

Registered Office: Siddhayu Ayurvedic Research Foundation Pvt Ltd, Shri Ayurvedic Baidyanath Bhawan, Great Nag Road, Nagpur, Maharastra 440024
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Key Ingredients

Haldi Ext. (Curcuma longa) – Immunity Booster, Anti-inflammatory, antiallergic, antihistaminic and natural detoxifier.


  • Boost Immunity
  • Skin infections and allergies
  • Joint pain and muscular pain
  • Recurrent cough and cold
  • Respiratory allergies


5-10 drops (0.15- 0.30 ml approx.) with milk or water 2 times a day or as advised by the physician.


30 ml (20 ml + 10 ml FREE)